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Jul 062020

This picture is a 3 rail 4′ high black powder coated aluminum fence installed in Carolina Park, Mt. Pleasant… the 3 rail is the most popular model for our customers but we have plenty of other styles available to you…. spear top; two rail fence; alternating  spear top ….it is a beautiful addition to your back yard.  Maintenance free!   843-797-5362.

May 192020

We HATE a sagging gate!! Drives us nuts!! This is a 14′ wide double drive gate with metal frame. We build exactly to your opening in our fabrication shop. Set on 6×6 posts with 150 pounds of concrete. Well worth the upgrade!!

May 192020

Our customer elected for 6′ privacy with posts exposed around her pool..she wanted ‘something special’ at her gate…we delivered! Call us at 843-797-5362. We do ‘something special’…..

Apr 112020

Giving a little flair to a living fence …our customer wanted to match the railing on his wrap around porch. We encountered surface drainage issues and made modifications to the fence so it would look right…. turned out awesome! Very happy customer!

Feb 082020
3′ tall picket fence – matches the house railing.
4′ tall spaced picket with caps

These are a couple of new installs AAA Fence did in the Mount Pleasant area – we can customize your fence to match your porch railing, conform to HOA Standards…call us. We love challenges! 843-797-5362

Jan 192020
4′ living fence keeping the view

AAA Fence was asked to install a fence for pool safety for the children but ‘don’t block the view’. Yes ma’am…we did just that! 4′ living fence with pool safety hinges and latches..extra spring added to the gates to make double sure the gates latches. Beautiful! and the fence looks good too..:)

Dec 212019

Maintenance free, fresh look and just enough to keep the neighbors happy. AAA Fence has all types of fence options…call us. We’ll come to you and solve your fence needs…843-797-5362

Dec 092019
Horizontal fence

Here are a couple of pictures of a horizontal fence we just finished…perimeter fence around a new home to include a pool! Once the landscaping is done, it will be a spectacular! The customer took us up on our recommendation of a metal frame gate….smart choice. Call us at 843-797-5362 and let us make your yard ‘spectacular’!

Nov 072019

We get..fences make for good neighbors, keeps the dog inside the yard and stray animals out…then we get to do a beautiful fence project like this. Let us WOW you! 843-797-5362.

Oct 282019
Entrance to private island

You need a gate and gate operator system for your neighborhood? …gotcha covered! Here is a 16′ aluminum gate with gate operator controls for private island in Charleston area. 843-797-5362 or just click ‘contact us’…we’ll call ya right back

Oct 042019
The ‘before’ fence…..
The ‘after’ fence. Contact us….we can match what you have, make improvements to your existing style or come up with something all new! 843-797-5362.
Aug 262019

If you have a large sagging gate that frustrates you every time you try and open it; call us!  We”ll happily come out and take a measurement, build you a metal frame gate, install new posts if needed and make you ‘unfrustrated’.  843-797-5362.

Before – sagging gate
metal frame
Mar 192019

The biggest compliment we can get is your neighbor getting a fence installed and you jump on board with YOUR fence! You see our crews at work, the quality of the work and the upgrade to your house. Wando Lakes, Mt. Pleasant. Thank you! 843-797-5362

Mar 082019

Horizontal Fence with Lattice

Wow! 6′ high privacy fence with horizontal pickets and lattice to finish off the Wow! look.  This fence is framed in on 6″ x 6″ posts – all exposed with 1’X 6″ pickets set horizontally.  Note the 2″x 4″ supports behind the horizontal pickets – needed the support or they will bow and warp.  We make sure we build it right the first time…843-797-5362.


Feb 282019

Wowza! This fence compliments the pool and whole backyard. 4′ tall aluminum fence on 4″x 4″ wood posts. Then we installed a 6′ privacy fence with lattice to give the homeowners their privacy in their new oasis.
Dream it. Imagine it. Then call us – we’ll wowza you! 843-797-5362

Jan 292019

It’s the new hot look – horizontal fence instead of vertical pickets.  Looks great when it’s done right!  Call or email us…AAA Fence knows how to do it right!

Dec 032018

Got horses or other livestock? AAA Fence has you covered. We built this four rail horse fence with gates in Moncks Corner for a couple of horses kept at our customer’s house. 843-797-5362..call us. If you dream it, we can build it

Oct 012018

Pretty as Can Be! This is a 2 rail aluminum fence that AAA Fence installed on a brick wall overlooking the Stono River. The aluminum fence blends into the background…and it’s maintenance free!

We have all types of fence designs to meet your individual needs…give us a call 843-797-5362.

Sep 152018

I’ON has a Architectural Review Board that requires privacy fence gates to project a feeling of welcome and inviting.
In concert with a the homeowner; we designed this gate with a custom ‘window’, door knocker and handle – all provided by one of our favorite vendors; Iron Works.
Stunning fence and gate…homeowner very happy, AAA Fence proud and I’ON ecstatic…win. Win. Win.

Jun 042018

One of our customers decided to upgrade this double drive gate to metal frame and metal posts. He took the time to paint all the metal black before we installed the wood – looks GREAT- very classy look. Call us – let us upgrade your fence project!

May 312018

AAA Fence Company is working with a new innovative vendor – NuvoIron. This is one of the options we now offer for residential privacy gates….What a classy look!

Mar 142018
Metal Frame Wood Gate - Commercial Fence

If your HOA says no boats can be visible, we have your solution! This is a picture of a metal frame gate with wood fascia that hides a boat from view.  The great part about this is you don’t see the metal frame…..

Call us – we can get the HOA loving you again.

Jan 192018

What a difference! AAA fence tore out the old fence and installed a new 6′ privacy with 6×6 posts exposed, fascia board on the side and deck board on the top. We were given a photograph of a gate the homeowner like and were able to give them what they wanted.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Jan 192018

5′ privacy with trim

Just a few add ons make this fence look outstanding! AAA Fence installed this 5′ high fence with 1×4 fascia and a deck board on the top….very finished look.

Oct 092017

Here’s what dreams are made of – a white picket fence. This fence is a 2″ x 2″ pointed picket fence with posts exposed and a post cap to finish off the look. Located on Daniel Island….

Sep 142017

These pictures shows before and after shots of a simple arched gate at the end of a driveway – also complying with pool code for self closing and self latching swing gate. Turned out beautiful!

Sep 022017

Absolutely Stunning! This is wood grain aluminum fence special ordered from Australia! This customer need a fence for their pool but the catch was that the fence would be right next to the pool and deck. Wood and vinyl were not acceptable so they went with Knotwood and it worked out perfectly! This was our first Knotwood job but it certainly will not be the last…..so excited to offer out customers cutting edge fence products.

Sep 022017

Located along side Charleston National Golf Course – this new home owner needed a fence that would keep her grandchildren and dogs contained as well as conform the the stringent Homeowner’s Association Guidelines/Golf Course. AAA Fence installed a 4′ tall living fence with 5′ wide arched aluminum gates. The gates are self closing and self latching with child proof locks…a perfect mix. Thinking outside the box…..making everyone happy.

Sep 022017

This homeowner had a picture of a fence she wanted and we were able to make her dreams come true! 5′ tall fence with 4″ pickets sandwiched between the 6″x 6″ exposed posts.  Dream it…we’ll build it!

Aug 222017

AAA Fence made these trees an integral part of the fence. They were never touched and we allowed plenty of room for growth…looks awesome!

Aug 222017

This picture shows a standard 6′ privacy fence with dog ear pickets.

Aug 222017

What a difference a fence makes! This is a 8′ tall fence surrounding the back yard on three sides.
All the homeowner can see now is his beautiful back yard!

8′ tall dog ear pickets with a 1×4 fascia along the top.  Stunning!