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Jan 052024

                                                                                             These pictures speak for themselves…. before and after pictures of the Mt. Pleasant Pump Station in Laurel Grove subdivision.
AAA Fence Company worked with the HOA in Laurel Grove to tear out the existing DD gates and install a metal frame DD gate with wood fascia.We used the existing 6×6 posts already there and attached new hardware to accept the galvanized metal frame gate.  This gate will not sag, bow or lean like the old one!



Looks great!  What an upgrade for Laurel Grove.

843-797-5362  call us if you have an unsightly gate or fence in your neighborhood.

Oct 152023

A living fence is a great alternative to containing animals/establishing  property lines and closing the world off.

The picture here show a 4′ tall living fence recently installed in Mt. Pleasant. 4×4 posts set every 8′, 2×4 horizontal runners between the posts and  then a vinyl coated galvanized wire is stretched and stapled to the posts….from there, we finish off the fence with 1×4 cover boards where the staples were used.  We highly recommend a deck board on the top to give it the finished and polished look.

An option now is to plant vegetation that will grow on the living fence giving you even more privacy.

Our customer was thrilled – they still have a view of the golf course out their back yard but gives them a sense of security and boundary.

Give us a call or visit us at https://aaafencechas.com. 


May 092023

If you look closely, you can see this is a slide gate with an operator!  That’s right, this wood fascia 8′ high gate is actually on a metal frame that slides open to the right.  Not an everyday job but it turned out awesome…..Customer absolutely loved it!

Looking for something out of the ordinary?  Call us at 843-797-5362 or contact us through our website https://aaafencechas.com…lets’ see what we can do for you!

Apr 172023

AAA Fence Company is called out every 2-3 years to maintain the tennis courts at Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms…. This work consists of we replacing the 10-12′ high surrounding fences around the courts, redoing the entrance gates and making sure the Tennis Center can handle the rush of tennis vacationers visiting the Resort. Call us at 843-797-5362 or visit us at https://aaafencechas.com

Apr 142023

School Safety! Words cannot describe the state of our world today – protecting your children at our schools is a challenge we readily accept. This is a playground gate and lock at the East Cooper Montessori School on Rifle Range Road in Mt Pleasant will keep you children as safe as we can get them. 843-797-5362

Mar 072023

This project AAA Fence Company  recently completed is STUNNING.  A real eye catcher as you travel down Bohicket Road on Johns Island. 4′ high fence with a cross rail.  4×4 posts were used set in concrete then used a strong deck board to build the actual cross rail.

Call us 843-797-5362…let’s build you something you can be proud of!

Mar 032023

Most of the time when AAA Fence Company gets done with a pet enclosure job; we’ll send an email  ‘let the dogs out!’

This time we were proud to say’ let the goats out!’.  This is a Living Fence enclosure for goats on a huge beautiful piece of property in northern Charleston County.

We matched their existing living fence we had built for them for their dogs….

We love repeat customers……843-797-5362




Jun 112020
AAA Fence was contracted with the USMC to install chain link fence 2-3 stories high at their temporary housing at The Citadel….Happy to serve our country in any way we can! 843-797-5362…if you are thinking out side the box; so are we!
Sep 152018

I’ON has a Architectural Review Board that requires privacy fence gates to project a feeling of welcome and inviting.
In concert with a the homeowner; we designed this gate with a custom ‘window’, door knocker and handle – all provided by one of our favorite vendors; Iron Works.
Stunning fence and gate…homeowner very happy, AAA Fence proud and I’ON ecstatic…win. Win. Win.

Aug 232018

We love our Buccaneers! This fence and windscreen was installed at CSU tennis complex.  The windscreen is a 65% grade allowing for some air movement and sight through the fence.

Jun 042018

One of our customers decided to upgrade this double drive gate to metal frame and metal posts. He took the time to paint all the metal black before we installed the wood – looks GREAT- very classy look. Call us – let us upgrade your fence project!

Aug 222017

AAA Fence also install bollards – generally they are 4′ high and 4″ in diameter and filed with concrete. Cheap way to protect your assets.

Aug 182015

And we do Guardrail

This guardrail was installed at Morningstar Storage facility recently