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Apr 232024








It’s hard to say too much more about these before and after pictures. Absolutely stunning back yard enclosure now. Customer’s comment was -“I have my yard now”.
Six foot tall privacy fence.  Posts exposed. Top fascia board.  AAA Fence Company 843-797-5362.

Apr 162024

Everyone has them and everyone hates them but they are necessary!

AAA Fence recently installed steel dumpster gates at an apartment complex in Summerville.

These are made out of corrugated steel panels  attached to a gate frame.  We attached aluminum vertically to the sides of the gate to clean up the edges and be able to install a latch and handle.  We also used 2″ square tubing along the top and bottom for reinforcement.


843-797-5362.  Be the  first on your block to be proud of your dumpster gates!

Mar 192024








AAA Fence recently completed a job in Charleston National..it was a two part job – replace the old 4′ tall picket fence with a 5′ tall living fence with crossbows and build a 6′ privacy fence on a yard with a sharp slope toward the marsh area.

When the customer said -‘this is exactly my vision’ it was the highlight of our week.  We were able to stair step the privacy fence to a attractive and managed height fence – the slope actually  had a 4′ fall from front of the house to the end of the fence line.

The before and after pictures do not so this job justice. Call us at 843-797-5362 and let’s create your fence vision.


Mar 192024

So you want to hide your assets inside your fence and your torn between windscreen and privacy slats.  Well, here are two  pictures showing both options on a 6′ tall commercial chain link fence.

The windscreen is attached to the fence hardware – usually with hog rings and have different grades of privacy. It is a type of fabric and depending on what grade you decide on will depend on how long it will last and what level of privacy… 70-99% see through.

The slats are actually inserted into the fabric – woven between the chain links.  There are different types of slats – bottom locking, feather and even some horizontal slats.  It si important t know if you are installing the slats prior to fence install as they require an extra step during the process.

They all do the same thing – hide what is inside your property.

Call us and let us quote you on what is best for your property…843-797-5362 or hit the contact button and we’ll be right back in touch with you.


Feb 202024

Atlantic on the Blvd

Atlantic on the Blvd

AAA Fence Company recently replaced a steel entry gate with gate operators  at an apartment complex in North Charleston.  We were able to match the style of the existing damaged gate, disconnected it from the gate operator, install the new gate and hooked everything back up.

We sent out a crew and they did all the welding on the spot – not a lot of fence companies can brag about that capability!

A seamless transition for a valued customer.  Call us – 843-797-5362.




Feb 142024

The old existing fence has served it’s purpose but it was ready to go!

Our customer has us tear out the old fence and install 6′ privacy fence – posts exposed and extended beyond height of fence and added a 1×6 fascia on the top.

Now it looks like a landscape attribute rather than a eye sore!

Game changer! Call us at  843-797-5362…we can help you with the look of your yard!

Feb 092024

AAA Fence recently installed at 24′ long aluminum roll gate at Shimano in North Charleston.  We set the gate on 4″ galvanized posts at the latch in the asphalt and then again in the woods where the gate terminated.  Asphalt saw cuts were made to make sure the posts set was deep and wide enough to use this gate on a daily basis.

Aluminum is a great product to use in the Charleston area as it will not rust or rot.

The project turned out great – another happy customer!  Call us at 843-797-5362 or fill out the contact us form on this website and we’ll get right back with ya.


Feb 052024

It’s always great when you have neighbors you like!

AAA Fence was fortunate enough to do two next door neighbors with a shared fence line in the Stratton on The Sound subdivision in Mt. Pleasant. One homeowner needed to contain a puppy and the other homeowner had a safety issue with a bulkhead.

We were able to get both fences installed on the same day and both are very satisfied customers!  The puppy loves us the most!



Jan 252024

The electrical pole in the ‘before’ picture is the only thing left standing…

AAA Fence Company was hired by a local General Contractor to build a 8′ tall wood fence around the new pump station located on Stuart Engels in Mt. Pleasant.  The neighboring businesses insisted on a wood fence instead of a standard chain link fence usually found around the Mt. Pleasant pump stations.

Specs are 8′ wood, 6×6 posts with tapered tops, fascia on the top and bottom and all stainless steel fasteners with a  16′ metal frame roll gate with wood fascia.  Not everyone can build one of these..we did and we are darn proud of it.

Call us at 843-797-5362.


Jan 052024

                                                                                             These pictures speak for themselves…. before and after pictures of the Mt. Pleasant Pump Station in Laurel Grove subdivision.
AAA Fence Company worked with the HOA in Laurel Grove to tear out the existing DD gates and install a metal frame DD gate with wood fascia.We used the existing 6×6 posts already there and attached new hardware to accept the galvanized metal frame gate.  This gate will not sag, bow or lean like the old one!



Looks great!  What an upgrade for Laurel Grove.

843-797-5362  call us if you have an unsightly gate or fence in your neighborhood.

Dec 302023

AAA Fence Company  is working with a builder in Moncks Corner in the Foxbank subdivision installing aluminum fences and gates multiple units at different buildings at the new subdivision.  The builder liked our work so much, they put us under contract for the same work for another few buildings.

Each yard is enclosed by approximately a 4 ‘ tall  flat top aluminum fence with a gate.  Everything looks uniform and appealing to the new home owners!

Call us at 843-797-5362 – lets get to work on your next project.



Nov 162023

Such a simple way to protect your HVAC units!

AAA Fence installed a custom made 6′ tall double drive chain link  swing gate to this  HVAC unit on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

The opening size of  over 11′ wide gives the customer the ability to have their units serviced as needed.

Note the 3 strands of barb wire on top of the fence and gate – almost impenetrable.

Smart choice…in expensive way to protect your assets…

Call us at 843-469-9177 or click the ‘contact me’ button below – we’ll be right out to give you a quote and take good care of you.

Nov 072023

Bollards – a simple and inexpensive way to protect your assets.

These pictures show the install of a bollard along side a generator used at a cold storage facility located in North Charleston.

The very last thing this Company needed was an accident to their generator ..the bollard is a 6 5/8″ galvanized pipe, plate mounted to the concrete driveway, filled with concrete and painted yellow.

It’s a great line of defense against a wayward forklift or truck!

Call us or fill out the ‘contact form’ below and let us do what we do best!  843-797-5362

Oct 292023







All day; every day AAA Fence Company installs the backyard 4′ picket fence and standard 6′ privacy but if you are looking for a custom fence job, call us..we love the challenge! These pictures display 6′ privacy fences on big 6×6 posts with the fence picture framed between the posts. We then trimmed out the top of the fences to get the clean polished look.   The gates were built around wrought iron gate windows selected by our customers…..

If you want a head turning fence…call us!  843-797-5362.  Go ahead and be the envy of your neighborhood!


Oct 152023

A living fence is a great alternative to containing animals/establishing  property lines and closing the world off.

The picture here show a 4′ tall living fence recently installed in Mt. Pleasant. 4×4 posts set every 8′, 2×4 horizontal runners between the posts and  then a vinyl coated galvanized wire is stretched and stapled to the posts….from there, we finish off the fence with 1×4 cover boards where the staples were used.  We highly recommend a deck board on the top to give it the finished and polished look.

An option now is to plant vegetation that will grow on the living fence giving you even more privacy.

Our customer was thrilled – they still have a view of the golf course out their back yard but gives them a sense of security and boundary.

Give us a call or visit us at https://aaafencechas.com. 


Oct 092023

AAA Fence Company was recently contracted to install  a temporary barrier fence for a local school in Mt. Pleasant under the umbrella of the Charleston Country School District.  This fence allowed the students and faculty to move inside the boundaries of the school but outside the boundaries of the construction site.

We used galvanized posts set in concrete and then installed 8′ tall plywood to those panels making the barrier totally enclosed and safe for all concerned.

It’s not our normal day in and day out job but we were able to get the job done on time, on budget and exceeded our customer’s expectations.  Call us at 843-797-5362 amd let us exceed your expectations!


Sep 162023

If your fence looks like the one in the first two pictures please call us, email us or contact us through our website….We absolutely love making your home look better…

AAA Fence tore out the old fence, disposed of the old material and built the same fence in the same foot print.  Remarkable change!


Sep 122023

AAA Fence recently did work for Charleston’ s very own The Military College of South Carolina..The Citadel.

We were hired to tear out some existing chain link fence and replace it with 4′ black chain link fence with a double drive gate…we curved it along the track system already in place.  Turned out GREAT.

Thank you to The Citadel for the business..always proud to go on your campus and make improvements…

Aug 102023

Chain Link Fence is not the most exciting stuff in the world but it does it’s job of security.

If you are looking to secure your property – home or business, take it up a notch and install black vinyl coated chain link fence.

This project was located in North Charleston at the home of a General Contractor.  The needed to keep their yard secure as it was housing site materials and vehicles.  They opted for the upgrade to black vinyl chain link – both in the fence and double drive gate.  This material comes in heights from 4′ tall to 12′ tall.

Looks great!  Call us at 843-797-5362 – we’ll show an upgrade!

Jul 202023

AAA Fence is working with local and national  builders to complete the ‘home of your dreams’.  These pictures show a 4 foot  tall spaced picket fence for a home closing later this month… Turn key.  Move in. Let the dogs out!


Jul 182023

AAA Fence was called out to create a new space for a national hardware store chain. They went from an open area between two buildings to a secure parking area. This is a 10′ tall double drive gate – custom made – to cover their 14′ 3 3/4″ opening.  AAA Fence core drilled into the existing concrete, set the posts and came back a few days later to hang the gates.Now it’s a great parking spot for a trailer, off load equipment or just more storage.

843-797-5362 or click contact us below.







Jul 142023

Charlestown Landing recently needed repairs done for their animal enclosures.  AAA Fence Company had previously installed 8′ tall brown vinyl coated chain link and they needed us to come back and replace an section of fence, top rail, gate and a couple of posts.  This ensured the all the animals housed here would remain safe and secure.  The brown vinyl coated chain link blends right in to the natural environment.

Call us 843-797-5362 or contact us by filling out the contact us page on this website.. we are happy to contain all the animals you may have.

Jun 282023

OK, so it’s not the most exciting stuff in the world!  But when it comes to YOUR business and security, we take it very seriously.  Recently installed 600 linear feet of 6′ tall chain link fence at BlueLinx in North Charleston.  Included in this job was a 12′ wide Double drive gate for truck traffic….

Sadly, we were called back out abut a week later for repair – someone cut through the fence……and yes, repair after the install is one of the things that sets AAA Fence Company apart from the rest!  It’s not always about the big footage. It’s about building relationships.

Call us at 843-797-5362 or contact us below.  We’ll take care of ya – long and short term.


Jun 082023

Called out to do a simple repair on a 6′ tall chain link fence…one of the ‘big trucks hit it’.

Set posts in concrete, re stretched existing wire and barb wire and installed new fittings….just like new!

It’s not always about the big footage, making money and moving on. It’s about service after the sale.

843-797-5362 or click the contact us button below.  We’ll be right back in touch with ya!

May 092023

If you look closely, you can see this is a slide gate with an operator!  That’s right, this wood fascia 8′ high gate is actually on a metal frame that slides open to the right.  Not an everyday job but it turned out awesome…..Customer absolutely loved it!

Looking for something out of the ordinary?  Call us at 843-797-5362 or contact us through our website https://aaafencechas.com…lets’ see what we can do for you!

Apr 232023

AAA Fence Company did this turn key project for Charleston County Parks and Rec – baseball backstop behind home plate and on the other side of the field; netting to protect the parking lot from foul balls.  It’s easy to do these types of jobs when you have the experience and knowledge.


From your backyard fence to a challenging project like this; call us at 843-797-5362 or visit us a at https://aaafencechas.com…hit the contact us button and we’ll get back with ya.


Apr 202023

AAA Fence installed a security gate at a local technology company who needed to protect it’s assets – both hard wired and most importantly, it’s people..  This gate is black powder coated aluminum with a metal screen welded on to both leafs – impenetrable.  Let us know if we can help you with security…..

Call us at 843-797-5362 or visit us at https://aaafencechas.com.

Apr 182023

Berkeley County Sewer and Water asked AAA Fence Company  to find an attractive alternative to hiding one of their large pump stations. We installed a 6′ high tan vinyl tongue and groove fence with a 12′ double drive gate set on 4″ galvanized posts.  Attractive.  Durable.  Long Lasting.

We solved that problem….happy to take on a challenge from you.  843-797-5362.  https://aaafencechas.com

Apr 172023

AAA Fence Company is called out every 2-3 years to maintain the tennis courts at Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms…. This work consists of we replacing the 10-12′ high surrounding fences around the courts, redoing the entrance gates and making sure the Tennis Center can handle the rush of tennis vacationers visiting the Resort. Call us at 843-797-5362 or visit us at https://aaafencechas.com

Apr 142023

Need a fence around your pool that is pool code compliant? Call us – we stay updated on the codes as they change from municipality to municipality. This community wanted the gate entrance restricted for residents and guests only…FOB gate pass required. Call us – we got your back when it comes to safety and security. 843-797-5362

Mar 072023

This project AAA Fence Company  recently completed is STUNNING.  A real eye catcher as you travel down Bohicket Road on Johns Island. 4′ high fence with a cross rail.  4×4 posts were used set in concrete then used a strong deck board to build the actual cross rail.

Call us 843-797-5362…let’s build you something you can be proud of!

Jan 242023

Customer needing a fence at his newly purchased home …sees our AAA Fence sign on a fence we installed years ago….many years ago.  Calls in, makes and appointment and we do the rest! Tore out and removed his existing spaced picket fence and built his  ‘fence with character’.

This is a 6′ tall, 6×6 post exposed fence with 1 x4 on the top – fascia…. STUNNING!   What a complete change in the character of his home!  Beautiful…

Call us at 843-797-5362 and let’s make your fence align with the character of your home.

Dec 132022

Chain link enclosure for Palmetto Goodwill Store at Eagle Drive, North Charleston.  8′ tall commercial grade chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire to ensure no unwanted entry.

There is a double drive gate for the trailer and also for the generators.

We do this kind of work all day, every day.  Call us at 843-797-5362 and let us help you secure your valuables.



Nov 092022

8′ privacy fence huge upgrade!  AAA Fence tore out the old fence, hauled it off and installed this beautiful 8′ privacy – 4×4 post set 3′ in the ground; 4 runners and 8′ tall pickets.  Finished it off with an 1×4 trim board and a 2×6 top cap.

843-797-5362.  Let’s upgrade your fence!




Sep 012022

Living Fence and Horizontal privacy fence for our new very satisfied residential customer! We were able to incorporate the slope of the yard and keep the fence level across the top..turned out BEAUTIFUL!!

843-797-5362..give us your combo request.

Aug 012022

One of our customer need to change out her gate to become pool compliant – open/swing out, self closing, self latching along with a child proof lock system. Rather than digging up her hardscape, we made adjustment to the existing post and installed a 3′ wide aluminum gate. Call us at 843-797-5362….we understand pool code.

Jun 252022

Karen Baker is back to work for AAA Fence Company as Sales Manager for East Cooper and Daniel Island after taking a year off to ‘retire’.

Karen has 6 years of residential sales experience in wood, aluminum and chain line fence for your homes….

Please call us at 843-797-5362 or fill out the contact us form and Karen will reach out to you directly and set up an appointment.

Weekend appointments available for your convenience.

Jun 142022

Doing good thing s for GREAT organizations.

4′ Black powder coated aluminum fence for the front entrance to their Long Point Road location.

Makes for a warm inviting entrance.  Wish we could take credit for the arched gate with the insert.

Looks fantastic!

843-797-5362…. call us for a quote.


Jan 282022

Beautiful setting for a beautiful fence! Three rail black aluminum fence with gates installed at Grand Oaks Parc. Gates installed with self closing hinges and self locking latches. Pool code compliant…beautiful!
Call us at 843-797-5362 for you aluminum fence needs – both residential and commercial…

Nov 162021

Got a tight spot you need a fence built?

Here is a 6′ tall horizontal fence placed in between a couple of new homes in  a new subdivision in Summerville.

This provides the homeowner privacy but is not an overbearing landscape element.

Call us or click on ‘contact us’ and we’ll get a member of our sales team out to help you design the fence of your dreams. 843-797-5362

Oct 012021

  Eight foot tall Horizontal fence installed to give privacy to the owner…make sure you get this type fence built right or the horizontal boards will bow and warp on you.
Contact us below on the email form and we’ll build your fence the right way…or just call us at 843-797-5362.

Oct 012021

AAA Fence installed a 6′ tall black vinyl coated chain link fence around the campus – project included single gates as well as double drive gates….blends right into the background.

  • We also installed a fence to block the view of a water/gas utility nearby. This part included black slats to enhance the view.
  • Call AAA Fence Company at 843-797-5362. We can do it all…..
Sep 222021

An after thought but important to family members…. 6′ tall spear top aluminum fence with gate operator system. The cemetery is in an old section of Charleston and needed some security. Fixed that problem and actually enhanced the whole look of the cemetery. Call us at 843-797-5362… we love what we do and it shows!

Sep 192021

Five foot wide gate installed with Panic Bar.
What is Panic Bar?   Panic hardware is installed and used on doors as an exit device. … International Building Code IBC only requires this type of hardware on buildings: with specific high-traffic or high-hazard occupancy, such as educational or assembly facilities with more than 50 people.  Simply stated, it has a very loud alarm when this bar is used to exit the building/premises.

Call us – we have all the security measures you need to keep you and your business safe.  843-797-5362 or click below in ‘contact us’.

Aug 212021

Sullivan’s Island aluminum fence and gate

When you need something that will outlast the salt water and salty air, choose aluminum!

Here is a aluminum fence and slide gate for water front on the back side of Sullivan’s Island… blends right in.

Call us – we have the solution to all your fence needs – on the islands or inland!



Aug 162021

Kontain 8′ tall fence with slats

Kontain Slide gate with slats

When you need security, call us.  Here is an 8′ tall fence and slide gate for Kontain Logistics.  The fence and slide gate is vinyl coated black chain link fence with black slats.

Call us 843-797-5362 or email us at info@aaafencechas.com.  We’ll take care of you ..and your property protection.

Jan 072021

It’s the little things that really make a customer happy !

This shows a 4′ tall pointed picket fence using 4″ pickets – each one cut to a point…but we took a ‘minute’ and pointed all the 4×4 caps to match the fence on the side yard…. Happy Customer!!!  843-797-5362.  Let us make you a ‘happy customer’.

Jan 072021

Post caps can make such a huge difference to the look of your fence – not only do they make the fence look ‘finished’ but shedding water off the top of the posts is extremely important.   AAA Fence will advise you how many caps to purchase and we’re more than happy to install them while on site….Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon and other internet outlets can provide you caps that can highlight gates, bring light to an area through solar caps or just put your personal touch on you back yard….

Oct 262020

Four foot scalloped fence – we really only drop down in the middle by about 4-5 inches but it has a little flair to it rather than the standard straight across picket fence. Second picture shows 4′ wide gate with cross bow support…we hate a sagging gate! Call us 843-797-5362…love to come give you some flair!

Oct 092020

Simple Living Fence – we build them on a weekly basis. 4X4 posts and 2×4 runners with vinyl coated wire stretched and stapled to posts and runners with a 1×4 cover board. We like installing a deck board on the top to help shed the water… call us at 843-797-5362 and let’s design the backyard of your dreams.

Aug 262020

Such a simple fence we installed in Brickyard. 4′ tall. Flat top pickets – 2 runners – 4×4 posts. Simply Beautiful. 843-797-5362. Welcome to your new home Chris!

Aug 172020

Before and after pictures of a dog run we recently built for an IOP resident. Matched the existing fence and cut in a pedestrian/dog gate so the dogs have a nice shady place to hang out. 843-797-5362.
Let your dogs out!

Aug 122020

AAA Fence installed this 12′ tall black vinyl coated chain link fence at Sullivans Island. Per their specs, we reduced the height to 4′ where the pedestrian gate is located…843-797-5362.
Call us – we can do it all – 4′ wood picket for your home to a 12′ tall tennis court fence ….

Aug 032020

4′ spaced picket – arched

AAA Fence Company is always happy to help with your HOA paperwork with photos, business license and insurance certificates. This time we got lucky and the homeowner already had the approval from the Park West HOA  to replace the exact type fence…4′ tall, arched fence and gates using 1″x 4″ pickets  He purchased his own caps and we were happy to install…looks great!

Let us help you get the fence of your dreams…843-797-5362


Jul 312020

Eight foot tall chain link fence with slats installed …this picture shows the level of transparency using vertical slats…still gives you the privacy but not the block out.
843-797-5362…call us to discuss your commercial fence needs.

Jul 242020

We try and shy away from jobs that we know are out of our comfort zone….BUT THEN AGAIN, some times we just go for it!

Welded steel pickets for one of our favorite customers –  Daniel Island Development.  private dock entrance. Wowza!


Jul 182020

Located at 84 Lumber in Mt. Pleasant – Heavy Duty Aluminum gate slides open to the left. AAA Fence installed bollards (yellow posts) in an effort to protect the building.. Gate is easily opened and closed by one person. 8943-797-5362

Jul 182020

Chain link fence installed at Mt. Pleasant Costco – 25′ high set into existing Costco concrete floor. We specialize in securing areas warehouses….and love challenges! 843-797-5362

Jul 182020

Morningstar Storage in Summerville…6′ tall commercial grade aluminum with aluminum gates with operators. High security with a classy look. 843-797-5362 or email at through the contact us page.

Jul 182020

Need a dumpster pad gate….gotcha covered!   This gate is metal frame with 6″wood pickets set on metal posts cored drilled in front of brick pillars.  We build these gate leafs keeping in mind the garbage guys and their wear and tear on your gate – almost indestructible…almost…843-797-5362

Jul 062020

This picture is a 3 rail 4′ high black powder coated aluminum fence installed in Carolina Park, Mt. Pleasant… the 3 rail is the most popular model for our customers but we have plenty of other styles available to you…. spear top; two rail fence; alternating  spear top ….it is a beautiful addition to your back yard.  Maintenance free!   843-797-5362.

Jul 062020

This is the kind of fence we do all day; everyday!

Eight foot tall chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire…this is installed at the ‘old navy base’ – North Charleston.

Call us – we’ll secure you.  843-797-5362

Oct 182017

Pictured here is a 8′ tall wood dumpster enclosure set with metal posts. This enclosure has a double drive gate as well as a single, smaller pedestrian gate so the person dumping the trash does not have to open the 12′ DD gate. Complies with new standard for dumpster enclosures by the City of North Charleston

Oct 092017

Just what your dreams are made of. 2″ x 2″ pointed picket with posts exposed topped off with a post cap to finish the look!

Oct 092017

AAA Fence must do one of these a week! This is a standard chain link fence with slats at a pump station in Mt. Pleasant. We have it down to a science…

Oct 092017

Let’s talk about security! Ameristar steel fence with a very specific gate for this sensitive area… not much more we can discuss.

Jun 012016

Hanahan Libriary

Surrounding the outside courtyard at the Hanahan Library is metal railing AAA Fence Company installed. It gives the idea of a fenced in area but with a able to see though to highlight the architectural modern feel of the whole building.

Apr 052016

Williams Brothers Trucking Perimeter Fence Installed in a seemingly open field is 6′ chain link fence with barb wire…this job was installed in 2014 for William Brothers Trucking Company in the Jedburg/Summerville area.

Dec 142015

Living Fence with gate When you need to keep things out but do not want to block your view, look at the option of a living fence. Perfect to grow pants and flowers on to maintain whatever level of privacy you desire.

Dec 142015

Kohl's loading dock AAA Fence installed this 6′ tall commercial fence at the loading dock at Kohl’s Department store, West Ashley. We core drilled into the existing concrete knee wall. Turn key job

Sep 282015

East Coast Consignments gate We installed a 24′ slide gate on an existing gate operator system and then added blue slats for privacy….looks great! East Coast Consignments, Summerville, SC

Sep 282015
Vinyl Fence Morning Star Storage

Vinyl Fence Morning Star Storage

Some municipalities are requiring the H VAC units to be hidden from view. AAA Fence installed these small vinyl fences around the AC units at Morning Star Storage in Mt. Pleasant.

Aug 182015

Fogel Services  front gate Here is a picture of the front gate with gate operators AAA Fence Company installed at Fogel Services, Ladson, SC.  Turn key operation.

Aug 182015

And we do Guardrail

This guardrail was installed at Morningstar Storage facility recently

Jul 152015

trucking companyPictured is a simple chain link fence for security for this trucking company.  What our customer added for after hours deliveries is a single swing gate operated by a key pad.  The key pad was installed to a height making it accessible to trucker drivers from their heighten cabs.  It’s the little things that make the difference….

We are AAA Fence Company and we build futures one fence at a time

Jul 142015

USDA The United States Department of Agriculture needed some higher level of security…we installed Ameristar  fence with a roll gate with  a key pad security feature.  This project is located on Highway 17 South between Ravenel and Redtop area.

We are AAA Fence Company and we build futures one fence at a time.

Jul 142015
CSU Football

CSU Football This fence installed by AAA Fence Company is an Ameristar product…looks like wrought iron but is black powder coated steel – almost indestructible!  This type of fence is used at high volume locations that affords more aesthetics appeal than a chain link fence.

We are AAA Fence Company and we build futures one fence at a time.