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Hanahan Library

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Surrounding the outside courtyard at the Hanahan Library is metal railing AAA Fence Company installed. It gives the idea of a fenced in area but with a able to see though to highlight the architectural modern feel of the whole building.

William Brothers

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Installed in a seemingly open field is 6′ chain link fence with barb wire…this job was installed in 2014 for William Brothers Trucking Company in the Jedburg/Summerville area.

Living Fence with Gate

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When you need to keep things out but do not want to block your view, look at the option of a living fence. Perfect to grow pants and flowers on to maintain whatever level of privacy you desire.

Gate Operator for Trucking Company

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Pictured is a simple chain link fence for security for this trucking company.  What our customer added for after hours deliveries is a single swing gate operated by a key pad.  The key pad was installed to a height making it accessible to trucker drivers from their heighten cabs.  It’s the little things that make […]